Novomatic Lottery Solutions was formed after NOVOMATIC AG, one of the largest integrated gaming companies in the world, acquired Betware, the leading Icelandic Internet lottery and gaming pioneer.

Mission & Values


Our Company Culture is DIFFERENT
Our Customer Interaction is DIFFERENT
Our Vision for Omnipresent Lottery is DIFFERENT

Each of these attributes describe the people and products that are NLS. Collectively and individually, these traits define this inventive company which was founded to become the new generation lottery technology partner – to be the better alternative choice for lottery operators.

At its core, NLS is a company committed to collective ownership: amongst its employees and with its customers. From its inception, company founders were determined to cultivate a collaborative work environment that encourages peer reviews, teamwork, honesty, openness, and application of an avant-garde way of operating that the company has branded as their “BAMM! Factor”: a commitment to inventiveness ahead of change instead of in reaction to it. This energy permeates every NLS undertaking, every relationship, and in combination with the NLS commitment to collaboration, offers lottery operators a BETTER, MUCH BETTER way of doing business.

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